What is DigiLocker?

What is DigiLocker? (digital Locker ki hai) | how to download any document from digital Locker | How to download 12th/10th/8th/5th Original Certificate’s from digital Locker)

What is digital Locker?

digital Locker is an app where your documents are kept safe online. But to use DigiLocker you need to have an Aadhaar card as this digital Locker is linked to the person’s Aadhaar card.

This digital Locker is used by a person to keep his e-documents safe, and also by using it, a person can keep many other documents safe. These digilockers can be used by a person using e-sign.

How to use digital Locker?

How to sign up in digital Locker?

  • Step 1 : – Open Digi Locker site by clicking on digitallocker.gov.in , but first make sure your Aadhaar card is linked with your mobile, if not, your mobile number at UIDAI center You can get the link by going to
  • Step 2 : – Click on Sign Up Now.
  • Step 3 : – Enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number in the column below Enter your Aadhaar number, after doing this 2 options will appear – Use OTP or Fingerprint .
  • Option 1 : – Use Aadhar Registered Mobile Number – Use OTP.
    • On selecting this option, enter the OTP received on your Aadhaar linked mobile number. Then click on Verify button. After the OTP authentication, you will be asked to create a username and password.
  • Option 2 : – Select “Use Fingerprint” for authentication.
    • An Aadhaar approved biometric device will be required to scan the fingerprint. To use fingerprint instead of mobile phone, click on User Fingerprint, can select this option if Aadhaar linked mobile number is not available.
    • Select the device to be used to scan the fingerprint. Select the Declaration check box to continue the next process.
    • After placing a finger on the fingerprint scanner, the print will be captured on the scanner, after which a username and password will have to be created on the application.
    • After clicking the sign up button, the account will be created.
    • Sign in to the DigiLocker account with that username and password.
    • Enter user details

User can login in 3 ways

  1. Aadhaar Number and OTP
  2. Username at the time of account creation
  3. By entering Facebook ID password and authentication
    • If the Username option is selected, enter the User ID and Password, and then click the Sign In button.
    • If Social Media Account (Facebook) is selected then enter Facebook ID and Password.

Uploading certificates and documents

Document Upload Screen : – After signing in to Digi Locker, click on Upload Document and then click on Upload to upload your document. Multiple documents can also be uploaded simultaneously,
Document Upload Screen : – Click on upload button, select location and select all files if any file or more than one. After selecting the file, click the Open button, this way multiple documents can be uploaded. Uploaded documents will appear in the “Uploaded Documents” section.
Select Document Type :- Click on “Select Doc Type” for any document from the uploaded document list. Select the document type from the given drop-down, if your document does not match any of the already selected document types, select “Other” from the drop-down. After all these steps click on “Save” button.

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View uploaded or issued certificates

After logging in to the DigiLocker account, click Upload Documents to view all users’ uploaded certificates and documents.
Users can edit, download and share file name, document type here.

e-sign documents/certificate

Click on the link for e-sign in the document given in the Upload Document section.
User will get OTP on mobile to fill the text box. After entering the OTP, click on the e-sign button. The selected document will have an e-Sign and will be converted to PDF if it is not already in PDF.
Only one document can be e-signed at a time.

Shared documents

Go to the uploaded documents section and click on the share link given on each document.
The user will get an option to enter the email id of the person with whom he wants to share the document.
After entering the email id, click on the send button, the selected document will be shared on the given email, only one document will be shared at a time.

Show Issued Documents [View Issued Documents]

After logging into DigiLocker account, click on Issued Documents to view all issued certificates.
Users will be able to view the URL of the document shared by the registered issuer.
On clicking the URL, the actual document from the issuer’s database/file system will be displayed.
After logging in to the DigiLocker account, click on Activity to view the user’s activity.
The activity list is for viewing only and cannot be edited.

How Digi Locker is useful for us?

The use of papers and documents has been reduced with the help of DigiLocker. It helps to authenticate e-documents. With the help of DigiLocker, the user can keep all his important documents safe. With the help of DigiLocker, managing the documents of government offices has become easy. And using it one can easily find any paper, that too without any extra hassle.

In the year 2014, the government introduced this concept of DigiLocker to common people, in which any common person can keep all their government documents safe from birth certificate to degree. All these documents are saved in digital format and one can access it using his Aadhaar number.

The beta version of DigiLocker was introduced by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology. Digilocker is a very good step by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

To use the DigiLocker facility, the user has to open his account on this website, this account is opened using the user’s Aadhaar card number.

The main reason for opening this digital locker is that all important documents like educational, medical, passport and PAN card etc., any document will be available in digital form to every Indian at all times so that they can access it anytime, anywhere and anytime.

In any case, one can use them. If he ever loses his paper during the journey or does not take it with him, he does not face any problem, it does not spoil the fun of his journey.

The biggest question regarding Digilocker is document security. But the Secretary of Electronics and Information Technology Department R. S. Sharma has assured the public that this system is completely safe.

He has said that the technology used for its security is of the highest level, in which the data is protected through a one-time password that is sent to your own mobile number each time. The process of this digital locker is similar to the process of online banking.

Features of DigiLocker

  • DigiLocker can be used only by those who have an Aadhaar card.
  • You can use DigiLocker if your mobile number and email ID are linked with your Aadhaar card.
  • If your mobile number which is linked to your Aadhaar card is different from the mobile number which you entered at the time of registration in DigiLocker then you have to change your mobile number. Only after this you can open DigiLocker.
  • Currently 10 MB of space is available to any DigiLocker user but this will be increased to 1 GB.

Benefits of Digi Locker

  • Due to DigiLocker, chances of fraud are reduced.
  • In DigiLocker, anyone can keep their data safe. In this, the processing and handling of data is all secure and it is not shared with anyone who has no contact with it.
  • By using DigiLocker, you can do your work very easily.
  • With this you can do your work very fast like you want to make your PAN card. Its minimum time is 2 weeks, but if you get it done through an agent you have to pay extra money and you can do it instantly yourself by digitally signing with the help of DigiLocker.
  • With DigiLocker you will not have to carry the burden of files of important documents and will also be freed from the worry of maintaining them.

DigiLocker vs. Private Cloud Storage Providers

  • If you use DigiLocker you don’t need to upload your documents to use every time, you can use them right from your DigiLocker. But if you want to use them in private cloud storage, you have to transfer or download or upload from one place to another.
  • Your documents are more secure in DigiLocker than any other device. Because the government has taken responsibility for it. It is your responsibility to keep your document safe in private cloud storage.
  • You can prevent corruption by using DigiLocker. The time when everything was done manually and you had to pay bribe to do your work, with the help of DigiLocker you can stop all this by doing all your work online.
  • If you use DigiLocker you don’t need to carry a hard copy of your document everywhere. But private cloud storage requires you to keep a hard copy of your document.
  • DigiLocker has also been launched under the Digital India initiative, which aims to reduce the use of physical documents and maximize the use of e-documents to check the online authenticity of documents in government agencies.

Digilocker App

DigiLock app has been launched for paperless governance, with the help of this app many tasks like verification and issuance of documents can be done digitally, which will reduce the use of physical documents.

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