One Nation One Student ID, APAAR ID Card

Under the National Education Policy 2020, the Indian government is planning to create a single ID for students across the country, known as “One Nation One Student ID.” This special ID, called Automatic Permanent Academic Account Registry (APAAR), will be given to every student from school to college. It’s important to note that this ID will be different from the existing 12-digit Aadhaar ID.

Similar to the Aadhaar card, students will receive a unique code. The Ministry of Education has instructed all states and union territories to start the process of issuing these APAAR IDs to students. This initiative aims to make it easier for students to access information related to higher education.

What is APAAR ID (One Nation One Student ID)?

The APAAR ID, also known as the “One Nation One Student ID Card,” will be quite beneficial for students. It will digitally store all their academic data, including degrees, scholarships, rewards, and other credits. If you’ve enrolled in a school or college, you need to complete the One Nation One ID Registration on the official website ( to obtain your APAAR ID in PDF format.

Through this initiative, students can participate and complete their registration on the official website. You can find detailed information about the benefits of the ABC Card and the link to download the APAAR ID PDF on the official website. It’s important to download the One Nation One ID Card using this link to take advantage of the benefits it offers, including rewards and credits that you can earn by completing various courses and skills.

The One Nation One Student ID will make it easy to access all information related to students. To understand what will be included in the One Nation One ID scheme and how students can benefit from it, read this article in full.

What is the Full Form Of APAAR ID?

APAAR Stands For Automatic Permanent Academic Account Registry ID.

APAAR ID, One Nation One Student ID benefits/Features

The One Nation One Student ID brings several significant advantages:

  1. Easy Tracking: It simplifies the tracking of a student’s academic progress and other contributions.
  2. Reconnecting Dropped Students: The government can use it to identify students who have dropped out and make efforts to bring them back into the educational system.
  3. DigiLocker for Children: APAAR ID can create a digital ecosystem for children, similar to a DigiLocker.
  4. Centralized Academic Data: It consolidates information such as exam results, report cards, health records, participation in Olympiad games, and other contributions across all grades into one accessible location.
  5. Credit Score: Students receive a credit score through APAAR ID, which they can use for higher education and job opportunities.
  6. Use in Entrance Exams: This credit score can also be utilized in entrance exams conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) and other universities.
  7. Direct Government Benefits: Government schemes and benefits can be directly provided to children through APAAR ID.
  8. Seamless Scholarships and Awards: It streamlines the process of awarding scholarships and recognitions to students.

APAAR ID, One Nation One Student ID Overview

Scheme NameAPAAR ID – One Nation One Student ID
AuthorityMinistry of Education and Government of India
Started ByCentral Government of India
Started Year2023
BeneficiariesStudents (All Over the India)
Started PurposeProviding a Unique Indentification ID to the Students
Method Of RegistrationOnline
Required DocsAadhar Card Number, Mobile Number, Academic Details

How do I apply for an APAAR card?

To register for an APAAR ID Card, follow these simple steps:


Step-2. Go to the official website of the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

Step-3. Once you’re on the website’s homepage, you’ll find a QR Code.


Step-4. Scan this QR Code using your mobile phone.

Step-5. After scanning, an application form will appear on your screen.

Step-6. Fill in all the required information in this form.

Step-7. Make sure to upload all the necessary documents.

Step-8. Double-check the information you’ve provided for accuracy.

Step-9. Finally, click on the “register” option to complete the registration process.

Why APAAR ID Starts For Students?

The primary purpose of the APAAR ID Card, created by the Central Government, is to gather information about all the school children across the country and consolidate it into a single card. With the One Nation One Student ID, the government can plan for the future of children more effectively. This card will contain all their academic details, similar to how an Aadhaar card works.

What makes this card special is that once it’s issued to a student, even if the student changes schools, it won’t be affected. The APAAR ID will also streamline the admission process. If you wish to enroll in a school in any district in the country, you can simply use your APAAR number to access all your necessary details.

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FAQs about APAAR ID CARD 2023

Q. What is APAAR ID Card?

APAAR ID is a unique identification number for students in India. It is also known as the One Nation One Student ID.

Q. Will APAAR ID also linked to Aadhaar Card?

Yes, under the new education policy brought by the Modi government, APAAR ID will be linked to the Aadhaar Card.

Q. Is APAAR ID is mandatory for every students?

Yes, according to the news and media sources, it is mandatory for all students of every class child.

Q. How do I use my APAAR ID?

You can use your APAAR ID to access your academic records online, to apply for higher education and scholarships, and to transfer between schools and colleges.

Q. How do I get an APAAR ID?

You can get an APAAR ID by registering online at You will need to provide your Aadhaar card number, mobile number, and university name.

Q. Who is eligible for APAAR ID?

All students in India, from school to college, are eligible for APAAR ID.

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